...A maiden desired to be married, with all the finery and splendor befitting such a joyous celebration. Chief among her dreams was to ride on velvet cushions in an elegant bridal coach, drawn by a majestic horse.

Is this maiden you...or your daughter or friend? Your dreams - or hers - really can come true!

Fulfill your fantasies of the perfect wedding with a touch of true enchantment: formal horse-drawn carriage service! You'll delight your guests with this unexpected element of Victorian romance. Equally important, you and the groom will enjoy a relaxing respite in your busy day, as time momentarily slows to the leisurely pace of a bygone era.
     The horse-drawn carriage experience is also surprisingly easy to plan for, thanks to our 27 years of experience with wedding coaches and careful attention to detail. We offer an exceptional selection of regal coachman-driven carriages, in white or authentic colors. From intimate coaches to carriages large enough for the entire bridal party, all are impressive in appearance and performance.

Authentically Styled Carriages
Charming Victorian details such as exterior coach lamps and plush upholstered interiors add elegance to your special day. All coaches are purchased new with emphasis on authenticity and serviceability, and hand made by Amish craftsmen dedicated to quality.

Immaculate Vehicles and Horses

We specialize in weddings and understand the importance of keeping all wedding attire spotless! Used only for special occasions and never for daily tour rides, our carriages are thoroughly cleaned and our horses perfectly groomed prior to being placed in service.

Wide Selection of Vehicles
  • Elegant Vis--Vis Coach, pulled by one horse, seats four adults comfortably. It's the ideal choice for the bride and groom, and spacious enough for the best man and maid/matron of honor as well. These coaches can be opened, covered, or completely enclosed to meet your specifications.
  • Fairy tale Cinderella "Pumpkin" Coach is pulled by one horse, and seats four adults. This unique  theme coach is a fair weather vehicle.
  • Charming covered Cabriolet Carriage is pulled by one or two horses and is designed to accommodate up to eight adult passengers.
  • Our rare covered Trolley seats 16 adults and is drawn by two horses. It's perfectly suited for escorting the entire bridal party.

Worry-Free, Reliable Transportation

Our coaches arrive on time and fulfill the same practical function as a limousine - with far more romance! All horses are of calm temperament and have been extensively trained to draw a carriage in traffic. Both horse and carriage are transported by truck to your general area, then hitched up and driven to your designated location by a coachman in formal attire. Cost varies with the type of horse and carriage you select, as well as the mileage and time required.
An early reservation from nine months to a year in advance is recommended to guarantee availability. Send for our literature which outlines our special wedding rates and includes a reservation form. See response form.

Inclement Weather
Our Vis--Vis Coaches may be completely enclosed to protect passengers from foul weather. However, if weather conditions are predicted to be dangerously severe, you should cancel the service with a minimum of six hours notice.

How Much Time to Allow
Typically, it will take from thirty to forty minutes to travel a distance of three miles. Some of our horses are capable of distances exceeding three miles while keeping within your time schedule. Realistically, the total distance to be traveled by carriage from the wedding ceremony to the final destination should not exceed eight miles; even the faster horses can only travel so far, so fast.

Traffic Requirements
Our carriages are equipped with lights and emblems which permit them to travel public streets. As an added precaution you must have an automobile follow a safe distance behind the carriage, with hazard flashers blinking. This arrangement allows the bridal party to assume its customary position behind the bride and groom. A drop-cloth is attached to the horse and carriage to catch horse droppings.

Leave the Decorating to Us
Although our carriages look distinctive unadorned, we customarily add tasteful wedding decorations and a "Just Married" sign.

A Refreshing Glass of Bubbly
Make your first toast as man and wife a special one! We suggest that a member of your wedding party place a cold bottle of champagne or other beverage in the carriage, together with flute-style glasses to minimize spills.

Capture the Fantasy on Film
Phenomenal portraits can be achieved using our carriage as a backdrop. If time permits en route to the reception, why not plan on stopping at a scenic spot for a brief photo session? We'll be happy to provide suggestions for appropriate locations; we also suggest consulting with your photographer.

If There's a Chill in the Air
We furnish a lap robe for the bride and groom. However, you may wish to make available to the bride a warm knit shawl or fur wrap.

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